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We offer many great services such as threading, sugaring hair removal, custom facials and etc... After a visit to Sweethread, you will not only be free of all the excess hair you’ve been wanting to remove, but you will also be educated and informed with the knowledge of how to better care for yourself and your skin moving forward.


Sweethread prides itself on loving what we do, while also being experts in the field! Passion and Expertise, what could be better! Zadi is a trained and licensed Esthetician, having practiced in this field for many years. It initially started as a labor of love, and grew to be more than just a creative outlet for her.“Meeting new people, new clients, helping clientele look and feel their very best is our #1 aim here! It’s nice to be able to fulfill others dreams while also fulfilling my own. Catering to both men and women, our clients are our livelihood.

     1034 N. Coast Hwy. 101 Encinitas, CA 92024